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McDonald's Disses Pepsi



    McDonald's Disses Pepsi
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    McDonald's has opted out of serving Pepsi products in several U.S. markets.

    McDonald’s has ended a two-year program to test beverage sales of non-Coke products, and has decided to just stick with the real thing, Reuters reports.

    Most recently, McDonald’s had tried selling PepsiCo’s Mountain Dew and Gatorade brands to no great success, the company said.

    Who would have thought that selling energy drinks alongside Big Macs wouldn’t exactly be a heavenly match? 

    "After a test of Pepsi products in several U.S. markets we have decided that they will not be included in our National Beverage Strategy," a McDonald's spokeswoman said.

    The McDonald's decision represents another slap down of sorts for PepsiCo, which had recently revamped its logo and marketing campaign to try to take its customers' breath away.

    Pepsi's new circular red, white and blue logo was supposed to ride the enthusiasm of Barack Obama's presidential campaign by mimicking Obama's popular "sunrise" logo. The Pepsi "O"  even appeared in a "Hope" poster. 

    Too bad for them -- the president's new team is full of Coke fans.