‘You Killed Me Too’: Mothers of Slain Virginia Officer and Wife Speak at Emotional Death Penalty Hearing

The mothers of Crystal Hamilton and Prince William County Officer Ashley Guindon spoke at a heartbreaking hearing Tuesday

A man who killed his wife and a Virginia police officer didn't kill only those two women; their mothers said Tuesday that he killed them too.

The mothers of Crystal Hamilton and Prince William County Officer Ashley Guindon said at an emotional hearing Tuesday that convicted killer Ronald Hamilton broke their hearts.

With tears in her eyes, Sharon Guindon turned squarely to look at her daughter's killer and addressed him.

"Ronald Hamilton, you not only killed my daughter on that night; you killed me too. Ashley was my whole world. Now my life will never be the same," she said.

Some jurors and police officers in the Manassas, Virginia, courtroom wiped away tears as they listened. Hamilton, who was convicted of capital murder on Sept. 26, buried his face in his hands.

Hamilton, 34, may face the death penalty for killing his 29-year-old wife and the 28-year-old officer on Feb. 27, 2016. It was Guindon's first day on patrol. In addition to killing the two women, Hamilton seriously wounded two other officers who responded to the domestic violence call.

Jurors also heard from Crystal Hamilton's mother, Cherry Murphy, on Tuesday.

"I'm broken. My life will never be the same again. When she died, I died along with her," she said.

After the heartbreaking testimony, the prosecution rested its case in the death penalty hearing. Next, Hamilton's defense team will call their own witnesses and try to convince jurors that Hamilton should serve life in prison rather than being put to death. Those deliberations are set to occur in a few weeks.

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