Wrongful Death Charges Filed in Bizarre 2006 Dupont Murder

Robert Wone's widow files suit against three men who were in the house when attorney died

WASHINGTON -- It has been more than two years since Robert Wone, an attorney with Radio Free Asia, was murdered in a Dupont Circle townhouse.

No one has been charged with his murder, but on Tuesday, his widow filed lawsuits against the three men who were in the house when Wone died in August 2006. All three men, Joseph Price, Victor Zaborsky and Dylan Ward, were recently charged in criminal court with obstruction of justice.

Court documents released last month revealed that Wone had been restrained, incapacitated, sexually assaulted and then killed.

Price, Zaborsky and Ward waited to call 911 after finding Wone had been stabbed, prosecutors said. Instead, they cleaned up the crime scene, redressed Wone, placed him in the bed, and then lied to police, prosecutors said.

The $20 million civil suit that was filed Tuesday alleges that intentional, reckless and/or negligent acts by the defendants that night caused the death of Robert Wone.

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