Welcome to Niteside

Welcome to NBCWashington.com's brand new blog baby, Niteside.  Dedicated to the pursuit of the city and obsessed with the creatures and characters that make the night tick, we're everywhere you wish you could be. It’s a place where nightlife junkies, celebutant-seekers, political operators and culture hounds can get a quick pop fix. (In the future, you'll kindly refer to our slogan above, should you forget any of this.)

Expect dispatches, galleries, video and much more.  This is a blog, afterall.  Early every weekday morning, before the buzz gives way to the hangover, we'll recap the night that was through the eyes of Washington's night crawlers -- part-time and professionals both.  Last night we got a few minutes with filmmaker Robert Townsend at the Broadband and Social Justice Summit.  The night before, we shot a bit of video at Luke's Wings Fashion Show.
Your Beltway hosts are listed there on the right hand side of the page. They'll get you through from here. We do hope you enjoy. Cheers.

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