Trend Finds More Thieves Stealing From Offices

FAIRFAX, Va. -- A national trend in which bold burglars walk into workplaces and steal wallets is increasingly common in Fairfax County, according to police.
Fairfax County police estimate one man is responsible for eight such crimes.
Blending in at offices is easier these days with relaxed dress codes and particularly easy when employees are polite.
At buildings with restricted access, thieves will try to piggy back employees with the proper credentials.
Office creepers target quick grabs like computers, credit cards and cash.
Such crimes are becoming more common in Tysons Corner. Fairfax County police also are working with Arlington and Alexandria.
Police recommend protecting the workplace by locking rear entry doors, enforcing the one person-in-at-a-time rule and not letting go of receptionists. A front-office person who simply asks, "Can I help you?" is usually enough to turn a thief away, police said.
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