Is Alcatraz the New Gitmo?

Republicans say yes, Pelosi says no.

From notorious lock-up to national landmark to... notorious lock-up?

The tours of Alcatraz could be a whole lot different if some top Republicans get their way.

Several GOPers have suggested Alcatraz would be a good terror-prison replacement if the Obama Administration closes Guantanamo Bay.  And they say the idea isn't a joke.

But  Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is suggesting her GOP rivals actually visit the park, and not rely on 1960's movies, like 'The Birdman of Alcatraz.'

When asked if it was a serious suggestion, Pelosi said, "It is -- no."

She made the comments Sunday morning on ABC's This Week.

House Minority Leader John Boehner repeated the Alcatraz suggestion on Sunday, making the point that closing down Gitmo by the end of the year may not be the best plan considering the recidivism rate of terrorist detainees.

"If liberals believe they ought to go, maybe we ought to open Alcatraz," Boehner, R-Ohio, told NBC's "Meet the Press."

He was then reminded that Alcatraz is a national park. To that Boehner said, "It's very secure."

Republican congressman Bill Young of Florida was quoted as saying, "Alcatraz would be a good place to put these people."

And he's not the only one. Republican Missouri Senator Kit Bond has also suggested Gitmodetainees head to The Rock.

You can read more about the controversy by clicking here.

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