Staind Guitarist Talks about ‘Progression'

Mike Mushok gives the low down on Staind’s new album and tour

Staind released a new album in August and had the chance to talk with lead guitarist Mike Mushok about their fourteen years together and latest tour.

The band has been together since 1994 and Mushok emphasized that for the fourteen years they’ve been together they still do things the same way they’ve always done them and that they haven’t changed that much over the years. They are still four individual people- Aaron Lewis, Johnny April, and Jon Wysocki.

Touching on the start of the band’s career, Mushok explained how the band came together because of everyone’s musical abilities and friendship between them came later. They are certainly doing something right: “We’ve been together since 1994. And in band years that’s a long time,” Mushok said.

As to where the band’s name “Staind” comes from, Mushok admitted to no cool story behind the naming of their band. He said they agreed on it and even at one point thought about changing it, but they couldn’t agree on anything new so they stuck with “Staind.”

As Mushok said, “Staind is rock, straight up.” They may have some heavy music, but Mushok made sure to acknowledge that Staind also has some mellow songs and music.

In Aug. 2008 the band released their sixth album, The Illusion of Progress. Mushok said it is a different album than previous albums and has some different styles. Staind is now on their Illusion of Progress tour and Mushok said one of his new favorites is the song, “The Corner.” As for the top-selling single from the album, “Believe” Mushok said, “I like it, don’t get me wrong, but there are other songs that are a little bit different.” Overall, Mushok said he is proud of the new record.

The tour brings Staind to the east coast and through the country to California. Then after the holidays, Staind will be touring Europe in the UK, France and Germany. When asked about European concerts, Mushok said the crowds are pretty similar.

What does the future hold for Staind? Mushok said they are going to continue touring and writing and are working on a music video throughout next year. He also added that member Aaron Lewis wants to do a solo record after their current tour.

Mushok wants to let fans know that Staind is thankful for fans still being there and supporting the band.

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