Search for the “Lost Symbol” in D.C.

With 26 years of experience and fluency in seven languages, Maricar Donato offers much more than your average Washington, D.C. tour guide. And her newest venture, which began in June, is certainly no exception.

While reading Dan Brown’s bestselling novel, “The Lost Symbol,” set in our nation’s capital, Donato found an unexpected inspiration. In no time, the Beyond The Lost Symbol Tour was created, based on several of the locations mentioned in Brown’s mystery novel.

Donato, an accredited guide, and storyteller Paul Costello wrote and designed the tour. During the 90-minute walk from Freedom Plaza to the Washington Monument, those on the tour seek the lost symbol hidden among the city’s most notable landmarks.

While Brown’s bestseller was the inspiration, Donato says she and Costello took on the role of movie producers, creating more than a tour, but rather a thrilling experience. (The film adaptation of “The Lost Symbol,” with Tom Hanks reprising the role of professor Robert Langdon, is in pre-production with an expected release in 2012.)

While one may be already familiar with the city, this tour will surely introduce you to D.C. in both unexpected and exciting ways. And, rest assured, Donato says having read Dan Brown’s novel is not a must; this tour is for the novice as well.

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