Remy Does the TSA ‘Pokey Pokey'

First Arlington suburban heaven/hell, then the Metro, now the TSA? Oh, Remy, what will you skewer next?

Northern Virginia's very own comedic musician has dropped a new song, "Do the TSA Pokey Pokey." Dressed as a TSA agent with a Creepier Than Anything in the Universe moustache, Remy proceeds to dance the Pokey Pokey while gleefully wearing a pair of blue rubber gloves.

"And while we check out the pictures of your naked body, we also check out the contents of your bag," he trills gleefully in a parody that's, in theory, extolling the virtues of the TSA.

"We do the Pokey Pokey and we touch you all around. That's what it's all about."

OK, we're with ya. But please, shave off the moustache, Remy. Please. It's scaring us more than any full-body scanner pics might.

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