Protesters Sing, Dance Against Chrysler

Auto Show protest posted online

Awkward singing and dancing. Blank stares from the public.

No, it's not a Celine Dion Vegas performance -- it's the Washington Auto Show!

When the Auto Show came to town last month, it was greeted by a group of protesters who had a beef with Fiat/Chrysler.

The protesters proceeded to do a "flash mob"-type singing and dancing skit to show their displeasure over their claims that the company took bailout money but stopped using professional carhaul companies to deliver vehicles to dealerships. They say the move will put the carriers out of business, leaving about 5,000 people without jobs and health care.

To make their point, they sang and danced to the Village People's "YMCA," but changed the words:

"You took our taxpayer cash,
now we're here at your bash, to say:
Don't take our jobs away...
Beware the Bailout Bandits, F-I-A-T
Beware the Bailout Bandits, F-I-A-T..."

While they created a spectacle, they got low grades from the judges on coordination, singing ability and costumes. If you're going to do the Village People, you're gonna need a few Native Americans, construction workers and bikers.

We asked Chrysler for a response to the performance. Here is what they said:

“The re-bidding of a portion of Chrysler Group's finished vehicle haulaway business resulted in tens of millions of dollars in savings over several years while preserving American jobs. The re-sourced business has gone to professional car haulers that were previously being used by Chrysler in other regions, or being used by other OEM's. We continue to maintain safety, quality and on-time delivery as key parameters when sourcing our car hauler business. In this extremely difficult business environment, we can't - and won't - compromise on cost or quality when delivering vehicles to our customers. Chrysler Group takes its obligation to repay the U.S. and Canadian taxpayers in full very seriously. As such, we will continue to make sound business decisions that will return this company to profitability and ultimately allow for the timely repayment of our government loans.”

What have we learned from all of this? Car haulers shouldn't quit their day jobs. If they still have them, that is.

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