Pop-Up BBQ Bar Launches at Saint-Ex

Café Saint-Ex (1847 14th St. N.W.) is closing its kitchen for four weeks. But, smartly, they're mollifying their customers with -- wait for it -- their temporary BBQ Bar.

The menu of pulled pork sandwich flights will rotate daily, accompany a new brews-and-booze Beer Cocktail Menu. Pop-up patio picnics will happen on "Mother Nature's finer days," says the venue.

Sammich options range from Korean pork sliders with kimchi to authentic Carolina 'cue. Housemade ice cream in varying flavors will also be available each day.

Experiment with a beer cocktail while you're at it, like the Blond Red Head (Hefeweizen, lemonade, sprite and angostura bitters),or the Black Knight (Belhaven, Campari, grapefruit juice and tonic water).

The pop-up patio picnics will feature summer grilled classics including burgers, sausage and steaks, plus potato salad and grilled veggies. Picnics dates will be announced via Twitter and Facebook.

We're starting to think that the kitchen being closed might not actually be such a big problem.

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