Pol Who Peed On Crowd “Fell Off Wagon”

Steven Lipski relieved his conscience but did not admit that he relieved himself on club goers during a rock show.

A day after swearing off booze, the New Jersey pol who allegedly peed on a crowd from atop a balcony admitted that he's an alcoholic who fell off the wagon.

Jersey City Councilman Steven Lipski said he's sworn off booze before.

"I am an alcoholic, but I had not drunk for two years," ," Lipski told his fellow council members last night, according to the Daily News. "I fell off the wagon. Flipped. Crashed. Burned. Whatever one might want to label it, I screwed up."

Lipsky would not discuss specifics of the incident at a performance of the Dark Star Orchestra, a Grateful Dead tribute band playing at Nightclub 9:30 in Washington DC, but apologized to "everyone who has been affected by this mess" including his "fellow Dead Heads."

Though police say Lipsky, 44, urinated off a balcony onto the concert-goers below, many of Lipski's defenders said he merely spilled  a drink.

"Having had two years of sobriety, not having to drive, and being with two of my closest friends in the world, I decided to drink alcohol," Lipski said, according to The Jersey Journal. "This was my biggest mistake."

Lipski has been charged with simple assault. He will return to Washington for a court date in January.

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