On The Download: Jenny Owen Youngs

In 2007, I was quite taken by fledgling singer/songwriter Jenny Owen Youngs' song, "F*ck Was I." It had me wondering — is there really room for more than one honey-voiced Jenny in my life? While Rilo Kiley and solo singer Jenny Lewis dominates much of my iPod and my concert calendar, Jenny Owen Youngs has been steadily gaining my interest. When I first heard "F*ck Was I", I was quite tickled by its silly, yet earnest nature. It's a cute, catchy, clever song that I could easily relate to and even picked up my guitar to learn it.

So, needless to say, I felt a tinge of excitement when I listened to her new single, hoping it was just as good. I wasn't disappointed. Her new song, "Led to the Sea" is a truly infectious number, crawling with cryptic metaphors. Her natural, engaging voice laments over empty promises and drowning in a relationship that she knows will never work out. As the song picks up, among the toe-tapping drum beat and rhythmic guitar, Youngs' personality starts to really shine through. She's spunky, quirky, unconventional, and any other synonym you wanna throw in there.

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So, I guess the answer is yes. If your name is Jenny and you're a witty and talented singer/songwriter that inspires me enough to pick up my guitar and learn your songs, then I guess there really is room for more than one Jenny monopolizing my playlists. Who knew?

Besides, anyone who can pull of an acoustic cover of Nelly's "Hot In Herre" has got some serious musical prowess.

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Jenny Owen Youngs' sophomore album, "Transmitter Failure," is due out May 26 on Nettwerk.

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