No Pants Party on Metro

Riders shed their pants

On a cold Sunday afternoon, some Metro riders left more than their hats and gloves when they rode the trains.

Dozens gathered at L'Enfant Plaza to take part in the fourth annual "No Pants Metro Ride."  Just like it sounds, participants get on the train, and once it leaves the station they take off their pants.

It all started in 2002 when the group Improv Everywhere encouraged New York subway riders to ride pantsless. From there, the annual flash mob tradition has spread to cities around the world, including D.C., where Capitol Improv sponsors it.

Organizers told the riders to act like nothing was wrong, or like they just forgot their pants and it was no big deal. They also told them to have fun on the lines that include the touristiest stops.

On the event's Facebook page, organizers stressed this was not a nudist organization, writing, "Undergarments should be selected which conceal all 'naughty bits.'"

After a couple hours of being pants-free, the riders all took one final ride to Cobalt in Dupont where they were treated to half-priced burgers for their half-dressed attire.

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