Strippers Fly to Tampa to Meet Super Bowl Demand

Dozens of strippers will descend on Tampa from across the country hoping to shake down the Super Bowl crowd this week.

Suitcase-toting out-of-towners have already flooded area strip clubs trying to get a piece of the action at one of the city's 30 licensed adult dance clubs where the price for a lap dance is expected to triple, the Tampa Bay Tribune reported.

"We tell them to come on down, and we'll take a look at them," club owner Joe Redner told the Tribune. "If we have extras, we'll send them to other clubs. We take the cream of the crop." 

Strippers can expect football fans to pony up $100 for a $25 lap dance and will get between $100 to $150 for just walking through the door, the paper reported.

Dancer Bernie Notte, who worked during the 2001 Super Bowl, said she made $6,000 in a four-day span.

"It was crazy," she told the Tribune. "Money was everywhere."

"America's Got Talent" pole dance instructor Nichole Romagna received dozens of emails in response to a Craigslist ad she posted inviting women to audition for a spot at a Tampa club during game week.

Escort services also expect a rise in profits. Already one customer has shelled out $24,000 to have an escort for seven consecutive days. He may even take her to the Super Bowl, the paper reported.

The escort service is offering a 10 percent discount during game week on its $250 hourly rate and $1,800 overnight package.

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