Palin's Sister-in-Law Indicted for Theft

Drama must run in the family. 

Sarah Palin's sister-in-law is the latest family member to add to the barrage of negative publicity generated by the former vice presidential candidate's extended clan.

Diana Palin, the half-sister of Palin's husband Todd, was indicted on burglary, theft and trespass charges linked to three break-ins at a Wasilla, Alaska, home, the Anchorage Daily News reported

Palin, 35, allegedly broke into the same home three times in 8 days to steal cash and was caught by the homeowner when he hid out in a bathroom and nabbed her as she made a beeline for the cabinet in which he kept his cash, cops said.

Palin's 4-year-old daughter wandered into the house as the homeowner was detaining Palin, the paper reported.

She was arrested on April 2 and has been detained since. She plead not guilty to the charges, the paper reported.

The news of the sister-in-law's indictment came on the heels of searing criticism of the Palin family by the teen father of Sarah's grandson, Levi Johnston.

Johnston, who fathered 3-month-old baby Tripp with Palin's teen daughter, did a series of stinging interviews in which he said Palin knew that he was having sex with her daughter in their Alaska home.

Last December, Johnston's 42-year-old mother, Sherry, was charged with six felony counts for misconduct for a controlled substance when cops found drugs in her house during an undercover sting. 

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