Marine Corps Marathon Style for Men

The Marine Corps Marathon is Sunday. So, what are you wearing?

The D.C. streets are set to be taken over by the Marine Corps Marathon this Sunday. Whether you're racing, hanging out in the crowds or just starting to think about getting up off the couch, check out some quick pick-me-ups in the athletic department. We're not gonna talk about shoes, because those should always be professionally fitted -- we suggest trying out Potomac River Running or another specialty store for that.

ADIDAS SINGLET: The ASICS Men's Velostretch V2 is made of that ever-important enhanced fabric to wick away sweat and deliver maximum ventilation. Plus, it's made from recycled materials. (Ooh, eco-friendly!) And conveniently, the bright colors will help your friends on the sidelines spot you in a hot sec. $29.99 at City Sports (715 7th St. N.W.; 1111 19th St. N.W.).

GARMIN FORERUNNER: Track your pace, distance and heart rate via the Garmin Forerunner 405CX . You can even share your data with other Garmin users -- find your friends during the race! Battery life goes up to eight hours, so even if you're the slowest runner imaginable, the Garmin will still be with you all day long. $399.99 at Dick's Sporting Goods (store locator here).

ARCH SUPPORTS: Don't mess around when it comes to arch support. The RRS Arch Runner offers serious support via open-celled foam, which is 20 to 30 percent lighter than other types. $16.95 at Road Runner Sports (1120 West Broad St., Falls Church, Va.).

WINDFALL 1 VEST: Sure, the weather's going to be great on Sunday, but stave off those post-run chills with a cozy vest as you take your victory lap to a pasta dinner. We suggest the $30-off North Face vest. Plus, it's just not a sporting event if there's no North Face there. $49 at City Sports (715 7th St. N.W.; 1111 19th St. N.W.).

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