Ponzi Schemer Bernie Madoff a Real Perv: Secretary

Pervy Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff lusted after female employees, was often caught paging through the escort ads and had "frequent massages" during the workday, his longtime secretary said.

"Bernie could be incredibly generous and incredibly horrible," personal secretary Eleanor Squillari told Vanity Fair.

Squillari, who worked with Madoff for more than 20 years, said he was known to be flirtatious and make suggestive remarks in the office. She also said Madoff “had a roving eye.”

The 70-year old also had "a roving eye" and liked "frequent massages" during the work day -- returning later to the office in a much better mood, she said.

"One day, I caught him scouting the escort pages that run alongside pictures of scantily clad women in the back of a magazine," she said. He straightened up in his chair, startled, and said, 'I'm just looking!'"

Madoff orchestrated his arrest to protect loved ones from criminal prosecution, the secretary charged.

"I believe that, yes, he is protecting people," the Ponzi-schemer's longtime personal secretary Eleanor Squillari said on the "Today" show this morning.

When asked directly, Squillari refused to say who she thought he was protecting.

"I really don't think I should say," said the 59-year-old secretary. "But I should say that I think anyone who was knowingly involved should be brought to justice."

Squillari, who co-authored a Vanity Fair article on her experiences, is now giving the public its first detailed look into the day-to-day operations of the infamous schemer's Manhattan investment firm, and her former boss's wicked temper.

The Staten Island native has spent months helping the FBI put together evidence against her former boss.

"After this happened I had become so angry," said Squillari, "and the only way I could work through my anger was to do as much as I could."

She characterized Madoff as a smart man who had a hand in every part of the business. Squillari also believes he tried to manipulate the investigation into his massive fraud.  After his arrest, Madoff asked her if police had looked in his briefcase and appointment book, leading her to believe that he had planted clues for them to follow.

"He left clues behind," Squillari's co-author Mark Seal said on "Today" Show. "He staged the arrest."

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