New Bar Smell on U Street

Lounge of Three appears overnight

The latest addition to the U Street Corridor appeared seemingly out of nowhere this weekend.

Prince of Petworth reported about plans for the new restaurant and lounge Lounge of Three in the past, but we were surprised to hear of its soft launch from another neighborhood restaurateur, Andy Duffy.

He stumbled upon it at 1013 U after midnight and passed the word along. At about that time, a DJ upstairs was spinning good, classic hip-hop ("Mehtod Man" from Wu-Tang's "Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)") and it was piped through the whole joint. DJs are expected seven nights a week, but what the music will be remains to be seen. We'll report back.

Downstairs, LOIII is slick, shiny and has that new car smell. It's long and narrow and incredibly friendly. The upstairs can quickly be described in two words: extremely cozy. Looks like about 50 people can fit upstairs, so it's not a terribly big place. Imagine if Velvet Lounge, a neighbor a block over, actually seemed like a lounge rather than a dive and was cleaned up by a factor of 100. LOIII is going to be packed -- and soon.

Beer, wine, liquor and a full menu (again, we'll report back) await you.

A grand opening is planned for the near future. In the meantime, get over to LOIII while you can still get a seat.

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