Juicy Gossip on Campus Dries Up

Online college scandal site shuts down following investigation

JuicyCampus.com, the online site that allowed college students to dish anonymously on fellow students' secrets like sexual behavior and characteristics, is powering down following an investigation that alleged it was violating a New Jersey consumer fraud law.

A statement released by the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General said that "Postings on JuicyCampus.com included uncomplimentary references to physical characteristics, race, ethnicity and implied sexual experiences of students. Students were often identified by first and last names," which reportedly exposed them to "potential harrassment and harm."

A blog entry at JuicyCampus.com by the site's founder and CEO Mike Ivester aknowledge that some entries could be mean spirited, but hoped that the site would be remembered for its light-hearted and fun college gossip side. The entry attributes the site's closing to a drop off in advertising revenue linked to the economic downturn.

Ivester said that the site extended to 500 college campuses across the United States, with a million unique visitors every month. A lack of investor backing and ad revenue allegedly left the company unable to continue as an ongoing operation.

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