Jennifer Aniston On The Tabloids: ‘They Never Say ‘We Made A Mistake''

Jennifer Aniston stars with Owen Wilson in the new comedy “Marley & Me,” in which the two raise three kids and one rambunctious pooch. But in real life, it’s the magazines that have been the most troublesome for the actress.

The biggest trouble for the former “Friends” star comes from the supermarket tabloids, which Jen said never make amends when they point out she is pregnant, erroneously and repeatedly.

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“I just [want] to know — when I am actually having these children?” Jennifer told Access Hollywood’s Nancy O’Dell as she promoted “Marley and Me” alongside Owen. “You know, they never actually make up for it either. They never say, ‘We made a mistake.’”

But it was Vogue magazine, which recently caught the actress’ ire when they took a remark – “That was really uncool” (about Angelina Jolie’s year-old comments about falling in love with Brad Pitt on the set of “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”) — and ran it on the cover as a headline.


During her appearance on “Oprah” last month, Jennifer said the comment was taken out of context, a point she reiterated when she sat down with Nancy.

“It was just taken out of context. If you read the article you will see how it as taken out of context,” Jennifer said, offering no further details of what she originally said.

While Jennifer and her co-star, Owen, are both regular tabloid topics, the two didn’t even bother talking about the mags while on the “Marley & Me” set.

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“We have many other things to relate to other than the tabloids,” Jennifer said.

“That wouldn’t really be a way to bond,” Owen added. “That will be a way to turn somebody off.”

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