Irony Alert: Hayden Panettiere's Misspelled Tattoo

For those of you who mistake coincidence or mere bad luck for irony, actress Hayden Panettiere is your new hero, offering the best example of irony since the first time a runt tagged a great, big fat person with the ironic nickname "Tiny."

Photos of the 19-year-old starlet in a bikini revealed that the permanent tattoo on her back, "live without regrets" written in Italian, is misspelled, The Hollywood Gossip reported. They also reveal that the "Heroes" star is either too skinny or too fat. We're not yet sure.

While the tat is supposed to read "Vivere senza rimpianti," "rimpianti" has a fourth "i" and is spelled "rimipianti."

Before we rush to judge Panettiere's intelligence on this one (Did you know how to spell "regrets" in Italian?), let's allow that it could have been a mistake by the tattoo artist, or better yet, a PSA from the language gods Merriam, Merriam and Webster.

Regardless, we try not to set the bar too high for Hollywood. We're still impressed Hayden can spell her last name.

If she sticks to the motto with which she attempted to brand herself, Panettiere will leave the mistake alone, though we editors would love to see her add an  i  or one of those curlicues instructing her next tattoo artist to get that second "i" out of there! 

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