Get Your Kicks for 66K

Satisfy your inner shopping addict ... for a little less

It's appalling how expensive designer clothes are these days, isn't it?

Well, on, they're ... um ... still expensive.  But at least you're not paying retail.  It's kind of like Ross for people who buy islands off the coast of Dubai because they're shaped like their favorite farm animal. carries selections from past seasons of designers like Chloe, Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfeld, and Stella McCartney for 30 percent to 80 percent off their retail price. 

The site also offers special sales for "fashion thrill-seekers."   "The time-limited Pop-Up sales and Going, Going, Gone sales will give you that "'get it before it goes' buzz," says the Web site.

Buzz? From spending $2,000 on a pair of shoes?  "Fashion thrill-seeker" must be code for shopping addict.

But if you are a "fashion thrill-seeker,"  you might as well seek your thrills for less. 

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