For DC Police Chief Lanier, Life Becomes Art

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

D.C.'s top cop can add fictional feat to her resume. She's apparently inspired two characters in best-selling author David Baldacci's new murder mystery, "True Blue."

"He's just such a nice guy when we sat and had talks, I wasn't really sure what to expect," Police Chief Cathy Lanier told WTOP.

Baldacci did a ride-along with Metro police and sat down and talked one-on-one with Chief Lanier.

The fictional D.C. police chief in his new book owns a blind dog, and Lanier? Well, she owns five.

"I think it just shows that police officers are human too, and we love our dogs and I think the compassion that drives us to do this job also shows in our private lives."

Lanier said she even giggled at some of the characteristics Baldacci gave a second character in the book named Mason "that mirror things that have happened in to me throughout my career." Mason is the police chief's sister and also a member of the force.

"People on my staff have read it and they love it," Lanier said.

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