Fenty Announcing Ft. Totten $80 Million Project Today?

Fenty Announcing Ft. Totten 80 Million Project Today? was originally published on Housing Complex on Jan. 14, 2009, at 8:56 am

On Jan. 2, this message landed in my mailbox:

Mayor Adrian M. Fenty will announce the District has reached a deal with Lowe Enterprises and Jacksophie Development to dispose of a District-owned property that will be redeveloped into an $80 million mixed-use project near the Ft. Totten Metrorail Station. The project is one phase of a three-phase project that will ultimately total a million square feet of development on nine acres of land around the intersection of Riggs Road and South Dakota Avenue. 

The announcement was supposed to happen Monday Jan. 5 at 10:30 a.m. at the intersection of Riggs Road and South Dakota Avenue N.E.

But that was the last I heard of this project.

 No Washington Business Journal  articles showed up in my Google Reader. No follow-up press releases landed in my mailbox. No briefs appeared in the Washington Post.  Then yesterday, the same notice again appeared in my box. Apparently, the announcement has been pushed back until today. So if anyone was anxiously awaiting an update, I hope to have one soon for you!

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