John Daly Will Smash Your Camera Against a Tree if You Get Too Close

Good news is fleeting when you're John Daly. His life -- to borrow a phrase from Stuart Appleby -- has been a train wreck, which makes his two major championship victories all the more impressive. Those days are in the rearview, and Daly, who hasn't had his PGA Tour card in more than two years, is just trying to find his game.

A strong showing in Hong Kong last month was a good start, but, well, that didn't last.

Daly's competing in the Australian Open this week, and his 6-over, 78 in Round 1 wasn't just your run-of-the-mill bogey-filled performance. Nope, in addition to the on-course atrocities, JD also found time to take out his frustrations on a spectator.

After pushing his tee shot wide on the ninth hole - his last - Daly walked into a clump of trees, where spectator Brad Clegg tried to take a picture at close range.

Daly snatched the camera and smashed it against the nearest tree, telling the man, ``You want it back, I'll buy you a new one.''

But before you just assume the worst (lookin' at you, Stu), Daly can explain:

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