Ocean City Police to Provide Update on Woman Who Died in Beach Hole

WASHINGTON — Authorities in Ocean City, Maryland, say they have concluded their investigation into the death of a Texas woman buried alive in the sand late last month.

Investigators are planning to hold a news conference at the beach Thursday morning to announce their findings.

A medical examiner determined 30-year-old Ashley O’Connor suffocated in a hole in the sand after separating from her family late in the evening on July 30. Her body was discovered on the beach covered in sand the next morning after someone saw her hand extending out of the sand.

Investigators have not yet said how O’Connor got into the hole — or how it collapsed or if someone filled it in. Digging deep holes on the beach is prohibited because of the dangers they pose if they collapse.

Earlier this month, authorities said they were reviewing surveillance video for any clues indicating how O’Connor came to be in the hole. At the time, investigators said they were exploring the possibility that a she may have been accidentally buried by a beachcombing tractor but that her death remained under investigation.

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