Fauquier, Prince William Counties Cleanup After Confirmed Tornado

BROAD RUN, Va. – The National Weather Service is evaluating storm damage in Fauquier County, Virginia, following Friday’s severe weather, including the confirmation of a brief tornado near Broad Run.

Overall, Sara Makely – Fauquier County’s Emergency Management Deputy Coordinator – said the damage from the storm is pretty moderate compared to others that have come through.

Countywide, there may have been a half dozen houses directly affected by the winds and rain.

But Broad Run resident Donald Viscal had a different take on what happened.

“This is by far the worst storm I have ever seen in this area,” Viscal told WTOP while standing in front of his historic home.

Viscal lives in an old Baptist church on Georgetown Road built in 1836 in an area that had been called Little Georgetown.

There are about a dozen downed trees on his property, including one on a shed that dates back to the early 1800s.

“My little historical shed building, built in the early, early 1800s with a stone chimney, has been more or less demolished.”

While his property saw a significant amount of damage, fallen trees can be spotted on properties along Blantyre Road – right near Interstate 66.

Trees along John Marshall Highway – State Route 55 – also saw a significant amount of damage from Broad Run to Blantyre Road.

“This area sees a fair amount of damage when storms come through,” Makely explained. “There was a tornado in April that came through this same area.”

Viscal is sad to see the loss of history because of Mother Nature.

“Pretty demoralizing,” the property owner stated. “But what do you do? Life goes on.”

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