DANGER: A Year’s Worth of Wendy’s Frosties for $1

You didn't really want to fit into those skinny jeans, did you?


File this under "Unbelievably Dangerous" -- Metromix D.C. just gave us the heads-up that you can buy a Frosty KeyTag for a buck and get free junior-size Frosties all year long at Wendy's. Yes, we just said a year's worth of Frosties for a dollar. We did. Just let that sink in for a hot sec.

Better now? OK. The proceeds will benefit Goodwill of Greater Washington... and also, the goodwill of your greater-sized pants. Seriously, it would be easier to consider not doing this if it weren't lunch-time right now... At any rate, you can purchase one of these keychains at any participating Wendy's.

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