Chris Brown Butchers Basketball at Local College

Appearance coincides with White Ribbon Week

Controversial singer Chris Brown showed up on the University of Mary Washington campus Tuesday to play some hoops.

Whether he knew his appearance came during the school's White Ribbon Week, which promotes "men working to end violence against women," is another story.

Brown, who faces two felony charges for allegedly attacking then-girlfriend (and possibly still-girlfriend) Rihanna, took some pictures with fans who heard he was on campus.

And he apparently set the game of basketball back a few decades, to boot.

"He missed like every shot," local resident Aaron Coen told after watching him in the gym.

"A lot of people were bashing him at how bad he was at basketball," Coen said, "and how skinny he was and not as muscular" as he appears in his videos.

You can see him standing around a lot in this video from  From that brief clip it didn't look like he was what you'd call "involved" in the action.  And we also learned from the clip that some guy in the admissions office is hot.  Who knew?

Anyway, Brown wasn't in town for a school-related activity. The Tappahannock, Va., native just wanted to play some hoops.

"This was just a pickup basketball game," said UMW VP for enrollment and communications, Martin Wilder. "It was not a university event or anything of that sort."

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