Chace Crawford Says He Couldn't Stop Googling Himself

Chace Crawford plays “Gossip Girl’s” Nate Archibald, a character who provides great fodder for the show’s secret blogger, but the actor told VMAN magazine in their Winter issue that he is not a fan of the online blog world — but does admit he had a Google addiction when it came to his own name.

“It’s ironic that on [‘Gossip Girl’] we’re stalked by a blogger, and now we’re the subject of that in real life,” Chace told the mag. “I don’t read the blogs. I didn’t even know what Gawker was until someone told me.”

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Chace, who has been the subject of many online rumors since ascending to stardom, said he gets frustrated with the lies and half-truths he reads online.

“The bloggers fabricate everything, and it gets picked up by the whole gossip world. It’s just one of those things you can’t get sucked into,” he said.

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When Internet rumors questioning Chace’s sexuality reached a fever pitch earlier this year on blogs and gossip Web sites, the “Gossip Girl” star admitted he too got sucked in and forced himself to stop Googling himself.

“If I’m standing next to a dog, they’ll say we’re dating. Or next to my sister — I got that as well. I let it roll off my back,” Chace told the magazine of the gossip Web sites that love to dish up the rumors on him.

Despite the public’s fascination with details of Chace’s personal life, the actor said the people closest to him understand how to separate fact from fiction. And those who can’t — Chace laughs it off.

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