Put Down the Squashed Sandwich and Back Away

FREE FOOD at Grapeseed

Hey there, look at you, working so hard that you're forced to read this Web site while slacking off at your desk. Wipe the sweat from your furrowed brow and treat yourself to some free lunch today. Bistro/wine bar Grapeseed (4865 Cordell Ave., Bethesda MD) is serving up free lunches today.

Chef Jeff Heineman is giving out select entrees from the menu gratis in an effort to help out residents and workers in Bethesda during these trying economic times.

Enjoy dishes like shrimp and wild mushroom stew and grilled pork tenderloin. Unfortunately, it looks like you're going to have to spring for your own wine. But it's lunch-time so maybe you'll want to go light, anyway.

So what's the catch? Really: There is none. The restaurant's Web site promises, "No strings attached, just free food." With an offer this good, you can expect Grapeseed to fill up fast -- so a reservation is a MUST.

Here's to food-tastic Wednesday.

Then get back to work already, slacker.

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