ArtJamz Settles Down in Dupont

Traveling event ready to start paying rent

ArtJamz, a monthly event that blends painting, drinks and live music -- has always been a pop-up event. Not anymore. A new lounge at 1742 Connecticut Ave. NW will open to the public March 9.

Cozy at 800 square feet, the new studio will allow groups of 10-25 patrons to enjoy a variety of drinks and refreshments while they paint.

Customers can choose either a $65 fixed cost -- which includes beer, wine and vitaminwater zero, catering from Fuel Pizza, a canvas, unlimited paints and more -- or a $45 pay-as-you-go option. The space will also host KidsJamz sessions and private parties for adults and businesses.

Self-proclaimed “artrepreneur” and owner Michael M. Clements was painting with friends on a shared canvas three years ago when the “aha” moment occurred that sparked the idea for the business.

"Wouldn’t this be great at a restaurant with 10 or 20 people,” Clements recalled thinking. “It all came together even though it took a while to do.”

Since 2010, ArtJamz has operated as a rotating event with a core team of six employees, but it's now looking to expand by hiring art students and teachers.

Speaking of swanky painting nights... LivingSocial recently opened a venue at 9th & F that also offers space for food, drinks and creativity, but with its new location ArtJamz says it doesn't see the online discounter as a threat.

“We’re more boutique,” Clements said. “If you want either a hamburger from McDonald's or BLT Steak, we’re the BLT Steak.”

The ArtJamz venue makes painting its primary focus, while LivingSocial offers up various cooking, dancing and art classes. “People stay longer; we’re not a class,” said Clements. “People don’t have to leave when yoga starts.”

ArtJamz will also continue to offer its traveling sessions despite the new digs in Dupont.

Studio launch sessions are scheduled as follows (7-10 p.m.):

  • March 9 and 10
  • March 15 and 16
  • March 23 and 24
  • March 29 and 30

Images by Anchyi Wei.

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