Road Trip Time: Let the Historic National Road Show You Around

The Historic National Road opened the nation to the west, offering a new way to move goods and people, but nowadays, you'll find plenty of roadside attractions to admire.

Head northwest for classic diners, toll houses and historic landmarks that tell of the many that worked on the original road.

The Historic National Road -- also known as Cumberland Road -- is a six-state national scenic byway that spans 700+ miles from Baltimore through western Maryland, across the Southwest corner of Pennsylvania, into the West Virginia Northern panhandle and beyond.

The Western Maryland Railroad, a scenic round-trip rail excursion that originates from downtown Cumberland, Md., just happens to be along the route. Trains leave the station at 11:30 a.m. and return at 3 p.m. after a scenic trip through the Allegheny Mountains. Those diehard mountain bikers can bring their wheels along the excursion (for a small fee) and get dropped off on the Allegheny Bike trail, which crosses the Eastern Continental Divide. The excursions are $35 per person for coach seating.
Other must-see stops along the route include nearby Gettysburg, Pa., where you can commemorate the 150th anniversary of the battle this year, and the historic Harper's Ferry, W.V., a town where recreation thrives. Think ghost tours, rafting, history tours and more.
For a detailed map and list of Historic National Road attraction, check the online maps and routes.
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