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‘From Cradle to Stage': Dave Grohl & His Mom Explore Music Stars' Relationships With Their Moms

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One of D.C.'s most famous musicians and his mom have a new show talking to other music stars and their moms.

“The relationship between a mother and their child — the mother and the artist — is maybe the most important relationship of any musician's life,” Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl said. “It's the foundation of their understanding of love, and love is every artist's greatest muse. You know, every lyric you write is rooted in that.”

In "From Cradle to Stage" on Paramount+, Grohl and his mom, Virginia, crisscross the country talking to music's biggest stars and their moms.

“It's not something that I had done before, you know,” Grohl said. “I'd interviewed Dolly Parton. I’d interviewed President Obama. I'd interviewed Chuck D from Public Enemy. But shooting skeet with Miranda Lambert's dad over a Lake in Texas, that was not something I ever imagined doing.”

Tommy McFly talks with Dave Grohl about Mayor Muriel Bowser's reaction to scheduling DC Jam for FedEx Field in Maryland, his respect for teachers and more.

Grohl grew up in Northern Virginia.

“I have very fond memories of growing up in Springfield,” he said. “You know, as a Gen Xer, I'm supposed to complain about my dysfunctional traumatic childhood, but I didn't have that. I just didn't, you know. My mother was a public school teacher. She taught at Thomas Jefferson High School, and I went to North Springfield Elementary, which is one block from my house, and I rode bikes and I played lacrosse and I played in punk rock bands  and I went downtown to see my favorite bands, who became my heroes and my friends. So, when I think of, Virginia and growing up there, you know, there was an aesthetic that I haven't found anywhere else.”

A lot of teachers thank Grohl for standing up for them.

“Most people don't understand the amount of love and altruism and energy that public school teachers give to the world, so I have, you know, undying, unwavering respect for public school teachers, because can you f---ing imagine that's your life? Putting everyone ahead of you for the rest of your life to make sure that they go on and, you know, achieve their dreams,” he said. “It's f---ing heavy. I have nothing but respect for public school teachers.”

Before the pandemic, Foo Fighters were announced as the headliner for the DC Jam music festival at FedEx Field in Maryland, about which D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser tweeted, “That’s not D.C.”

“First of all, I'm not promoter,” Grohl told News4. “I can hardly plan a family dinner. So, for me to give you a clear answer on anything tour related is, it's impossible. They basically pushed me on stage like a mechanical monkey, and I go out and scream for three hours and then go have pizza and beer.” 

Already in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as the drummer for Nirvana, Grohl could join the short list of musicians inducted twice. Foo Fighters are nominated, and the inductees will be announced later this month.

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