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Kim Kardashian Raises A Stink Over Airplane Burrito Incident Report



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    Kim Kardashian is turning up her nose at a report she recently stunk up a flight by bringing some foul-smelling food on-board the airplane.

    A recent story by the National Enquirer claimed the reality starlet recently hopped on a flight at LAX with a "giant burrito that smelled more like a giant burro," causing passengers to gag.

    However, this is one tabloid report Kim isn't willing to stomach.

    "This is by far the funniest story I've ever read!" she wrote on her blog on Thursday. "First of all, I absolutely hate burritos! Secondly, I have never brought Mexican food on a plane. This never happened."

    The article even went so far as to quote Kim as apologizing to her fellow passengers for the stench.

    "I'm so sorry… it's my burrito! I was starving and had to have something to eat. But you're right, it smells terrible," the Enquirer quoted her as saying on the flight.

    Not so, says Kim.

    "These quotes made me laugh so much… This is just hysterical," Kim continued on her blog, shooting down the report. "It baffles me that someone actually came up with this, quotes and all.

    "Gave me a good laugh, so thanks," she concluded.

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