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Beckham: We Love LA

Famous couple still California Dreamin.



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    David Beckham returns the love.

    L.A.'s still the place for the Beckhams.

    Soccer great David Beckham said Tuesday that he and wife, Victoria, have no plans to leave L.A. and move back to England.  The couple moved across the Atlantic three years ago when Beckham joined the Los Angeles Galaxy.

    Beckham told "The View" that he loves England, but LA is "a new phase of our lives that we're really enjoying."

    "We're happy here," Beckham said. "We're not going to be moving back..."

    It sounded like Beckham had more to say, but he was interrupted by one of the show's hosts. Welcome to the club.

    Victoria Beckham was in the audience.

    Beckham said rumors regarding his acting aspirations are not true.

    "No, that's not true," said Beckham. "We are good friends with Tom (Cruise), but that's definitely not something that I'm going to delve into."

    Meanwhile, Beckham can't bend it like he use to, right now. He's sidelined by an injury.

    Beckham underwent  surgery in March to repair a ruptured  Achilles tendon.  He was hurt while playing overseas with AC Milan and appeared with a crutch on "The View."

    Beckham had expected to be ready to play by September.  But he said Tuesday he won't be able to play again until November.  That means he'll miss the entire Major League Soccer season and the World Cup in South Africa.