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Canoe the Bowl: Lake Drummond



    Spending a day in the center of a swamp can actually be a fun time, believe it or not.
    Take, for example, a canoe trip across the high seas of Lake Drummond, Virginia. OK, maybe it's only a few feet deep and you're not sailing, but nonetheless, you'll have fun.  

    Lake Drummond, the commonwealth's largest natural lake, sits smack dab in the center of the Great Dismal Swamp, a 112,000 acre wildlife refuge. Be part of the crowd (i.e. mammals, plants and birds) that call this refuge home, or at least get a glimpse of them in their natural habitat, with a half-day canoe trip Saturday, July 28.
    Make a reservation for your water voyage on this smooth-as-glass lake -- which, at only six to seven feet deep, has thousands of Cypress trees sprouting from surface.
    Your $35 fee includes all the gear you'll need.  Call 757-514-4130 to book your trip. The half-day excursion starts at 10 a.m.