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The Eco-Chic Coffee Sweater



    KEEP IT WARM: Snuggle up with a coffee... Or just snuggle up your coffee? Mid City Caffe (1626 14th St. N.W.) has an eco-chic way to keep your fingers from getting burned. Their coffee cozies ($7.90 each) come in a variety of recycled yarns and fabrics, from the cutesy (prancing pandas) to the uber-manly (argyles and dark ribbed yarn that can -- and does -- double as a wristband). They're all handmade by a friend of a shop manager, so they're all pretty much one of a kind. And when you show up with your coffee cozy at the second-floor spot over Miss Pixie's on 14th Street, you'll get a nickel off your warm beverage. Unfortunately, though, there's no matching outfit for Mid City's macarons. GET IT: Mid City Caffe, 1626 14th St. N.W.