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But Do You LIKE-Like It?



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    INKED: We know, we know. You've tried to fast-forward the line at the grocery store before remembering you're not living in a DVR. Look, real life is hard. It's even harder once you're just so dang used to the digital life that instead of saying "Cool" or "Yes," your first instinct is to click "Like."

    So bring a bit of your cyber reality into actual reality with the "Like" stamp. Quickly and handily make your mark on your calendar (the paper kind), your mail (the paper kind) or the dog. OK, maybe not the dog. 

    And if you're sick of the never-ending wave of positivity mandated by Facebook, take heart. This set ($12.99) also comes with a "Dislike" stamp. GET IT: JailbreakToys.com.