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Gabourey Sidibe on "SNL": More Than A Victory for Laughter



    Gabourey Sidibe's confirmation as a host of "Saturday Night Live" is not just fantastic casting of a truly funny actress, it's also a great thumb of the nose to the almighty Howard Stern.

    The shock jock had predicated that Sidibe would go nowhere in Hollywood after her groundbreaking film introduction in "Precious," noting her weight and even calling her a "prop" in the acclaimed movie. But Sidibe was haunting in the role of the abused but quietly bright student, showing remarkable restraint in not over-acting the part.

    But Sidibe is not a one-trick pony. Besides her role in the upcoming "Big C" she will also wow audiences on comedy's biggest stage. And these are only the start.

    How will she do on SNL? During the entire awards run, Sidibe was a gracious and positive force. But the other attribute she showed was that she was flat-out funny, cracking up journalists from the microphone behind-the-scenes at every opportunity.

    She is going to kill on SNL and has a long, productive Hollywood career ahead of her. Not only has she got the chops, but she has a receptive national audience that wants to see more.