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Watch List: "Big Love" in the "Dollhouse" with Barkley



    "Dollhouse" defied all expectations in 2009 when it was picked up for a second season. But the glory was shortlived and the ax fell on Joss Whedon's latest concoction in Nov. With the series finale set to air on Jan. 22, you only have three episodes left to find out if Echo (Eliza Dushku, also the show's producer) will get her life back, be sent to the Attic, or continue as an active. Did I fall asleep?

    "Dollhouse" airs on Fox, Friday at 9pm.

    Live! From New York! It's Charles Barkley? James Franco wasn't kidding last week during his opening monologue when he joked that he didn't have a movie to promote, but "Saturday Night Live" didn't have an election to exploit for ratings. "We're all doing with a little less this year" he grinned. Apparently. The only logic we can find in choosing Barkley to host "SNL" for the first time since 1993 (Nirvana was the musical guest), is that having a sports figure tees up all the Tiger Woods jokes 90 minutes can hold. Not to mention that in December a picture surfaced of Barkley with alleged Woods' mistress Jamie Jungers. While we're unsure that Barkley can turn out a performance as memorable as Peyton Manning's, the possibility of seeing him work with Kennan Thompson, who's had a field day with Barkley's DUI and gambling issues, is tantalizing enough to guarantee a viewing.

    "Saturday Night Live" airs on NBC, Saturday at 11:30pm.

    When we last saw everyone's favorite polygamists on "Big Love", Bill (Bill Paxton), who's running for state Senator, decreed the beginning of his own new church, fourth wife Ana (Branka Katic) divorced the family, Sarah (Amanda Seyfried) had a miscarriage, Nicki (Chloe Sevigny) admitted she had a 14-year-old daughter from a first marriage, Roman (Harry Dean Stanton) was about to be indicted but he might be dead. It was big doin's in Utah.

    But this season is really about changes in the cast. Oscar-winning actress Sissy Spacek will join the cast as a powerful D.C. lobbyist in a multi-episode arc starting in the third episode of the season. Adam Beach will also appear as Bill's Indian gaming business partner who has an affair with Bill's first wife Barb (Jeanne Tripplehorn). Meanwhile, Seyfried has announced she'll be leaving the show to focus on her film career, leaving Sarah's tumultuous future up in the air.

    "Big Love" airs on HBO, Sunday at 9pm.