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Virginia To Sell Highway, Bridge Naming Rights



    How do you get to Richmond? Perhaps you could cross over the ThinkGeek Bridge and then head south on Cardinal Bank Highway.

    Those directions sound a bit weird? They do now, but they could become the norm in the future in Virginia if Gov. Bob McDonnell has his way.

    McDonnell on Friday authorized the Commonwealth Transportation Board to sell naming rights for the state's transportation infrastructure. That means private entities, for an annual fee, will be able to place their name on highways, interchanges, bridges and other infrastructure.

    The money would then go to the Highway Maintenance and Operating Fund.

    The General Assembly has to approve the plan.  The CTB also has to create the rules, fees and revenue projections for the plan.

    Think it's a groundbreaking idea? Not really. Last year McDonnell offered up the naming rights to its 42 rest stops and welcome centers.