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The Last Time a Washington Baseball Team Made the Playoffs...



    The Washington Nationals clinched their first playoff berth Thursday, giving D.C. its first chance to host postseason baseball since 1933. That's a long time.

    How long? Well, the last time a Washington-based baseball team qualified for the postseason/played in October...

    • Earl Whitehill was the pitcher of record for the Senators' playoff-clinching game in September. He's been dead for nearly 58 years. 
    • The United States of America had only 48 states; Alaska and Hawaii were 26 years away from joining the Union.
    • The original "King Kong," starring Fay Wray, had just been released in March.
    • Construction of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco had just gotten underway in January.
    • The Loch Ness Monster was brought to the world's attention as the first alleged sighting took place.
    • There had only been one World War. WWII was still about six years away.
    • New Jersey opened the first drive-in movie theater.
    • There had only been one MLB All-Star Game; the inaugural game took place in July.
    • No one could celebrate with a champagne toast legally; Prohibition had yet to be repealed (so Bryce Harper had the right idea).

    Consider this your history lesson for the day. 

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