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Teddy's 500th Presidents Race Loss Comes to a Head



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    On Friday, NBC News made us aware that a loss in the Presidents Race during the Washington Nationals' game against the New York Mets Saturday (a game the Nats lost 2-0) would be Teddy's 500th consecutive defeat.

    Teddy has been the butt of many jokes throughout his existence as a mascot, but Saturday, let's just say that things came to a head:



    Teddy took a commanding lead to begin the race with Abe trailing by several lengths. Conspicuous by their absence, George and Tom appeared near the finish line, where George got a running start before leaving his feet and delivering a crushing head butt to Teddy, a hit that would get him suspended in the NFL. Unfortunately, MLB has no such rules.

    Abe won the race, but the story was Teddy feeling the agony of defeat (de-head?) once again.

    Don't worry, Teddy. 0-500 isn't that bad. Wait, yes it is.

    (H/T Let Teddy Win)

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