Discounts on Houses in the District

Unique program run by the Office of Tax and Revenue

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    In a unique Discount Sale program in the District Monday, two properties were sold following the low starting bid of $300 as part of a program run by the Office of Tax and Revenue.

    The two houses on Champlain and Florida avenues in Northwest were the first of 353 houses on which there were delinquent property taxes. The houses went to the highest bidders.

    To bid, a purchaser must make a deposit of at least 20 percent of the property’s purchase price.

    The Discount Sale will continue at 1101 Fourth Street SW, Suite W250 from 8:30 a.m. to noon and from 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily until all properties are sold. Those interested in bidding can register at the walk-in center on the second floor at the same address.

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