Santas Shake it Up at Annual Summer "Congress"

"I think I will be doing some more Zumba in my spare-time," says D.C.-based Santa

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    The World Santa Claus Congress, held at Bakken in Klampenborg, north of Copenhagen on Monday July 23, 2012. The World Santa Claus Congress ends Thursday.

    If Santa looks thinner than usual come Christmas, it may have something to do with Zumba, the Latin-inspired dance fitness craze.

    A Zumba exercise class with hula hoops was a novelty at this year's World Santa Congress, which brings St. Nicks from around the globe to an amusement park in Copenhagen this week.

    "It was a sweaty experience and it didn't help having an extra 10 pounds of clothing on but now I'm hooked. I think I will be doing some more Zumba in my spare-time," chuckled Douglas Gowin, a 57-year-old Santa from Washington, D.C.

    Now in its 55th consecutive year, the four-day World Santa Congress has more workouts on the schedule, including an obstacle course in which Santas must go down a chimney and climb an ice mountain.

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