Supermom Goes From Catching to Throwing

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    Tiffany Goodwin, a.k.a. Supermom, threw the ceremonial first pitch at a Richmond Flying Squirrels Game.

    Tiffany Goodwin's impressive display of athleticism and maternal instinct got her from the stands of a minor league game onto the field Thursday night.

    Goodwin was dubbed "Supermom" for the one-handed foul ball catch she made while holding her wriggling baby in the other arm on April 15 at a Richmond Flying Squirrels game.

    Supermom's Incredible Catch

    [DC] Supermom's Incredible Catch
    NBC Washington's Darcy Spencer spoke to the woman who made an incredible catch at a minor league baseball game. Photo courtesy the Richmond Times-Dispatch. (Published Saturday, May 21, 2011)

    The photo of the catch didn't only impress all of your friends on the Internet. It also impressed the team.

    The Flying Squirrels decided honor Goodwin with a Golden Glove trophy and a jersey with the number "15" to mark the day of her legendary catch.

    Goodwin also threw the ceremonial first pitch at Thursday night's game. She wasn't required to wrangle any of her kids, though, while throwing the ball.