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ESPN TV Spot Highlights Watermen of Tangier Island

A commercial calls the Chesapeake Bay island the country's biggest sports town -- per capita



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    The island has only 507 residents. So if you look closely at a new ESPN ad you'll see an asterisk and "per capita" after the declaration that Tangier Island is America's biggest sports town.

    The commercial  shows watermen pulling up crab traps, playing tennis on an airstrip and painting boats the colors of their favorite sports teams.

    The town manager said new Internet service and high definition streams of ESPN3 sports events technically make the Tangier the biggest sports town in the country.

    Using aerial shots of the island and a bit of humor, the commercial puts the watermen and their home in a positive light. The spot spells bragging rights for the residents and for at least one shout out to the University of Texas. One waterman holds up a crab, claws pointing up, as he says, "Hook 'em horns."