Va. Seniors Share Concern About Debt Limit Battle

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    Senior citizens in northern Virginia are concerned about the debt limit showdown on Capitol Hill. (Published Monday, July 18, 2011)

    With no deal yet in the debt limit showdown on Capitol Hill, some senior citizens in northern Virginia are on edge because many programs affecting aging Americans could take big hits.

    There was no screaming or shouting at a town hall meeting for senior citizens at Greenspring Village in Springfield, Va., Monday, but those in attendance made clear they are concerned and angry about Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security hanging in the balance.

    Republicans accuse Democrats of mischaracterizing their budget-cutting plans to frighten seniors. Democratic Rep. Gerry Connolly insists the fear is founded. In a recent mailing to 140,000 constituents, he declared “Medicare is at risk.”

    Virginia’s AARP director said seniors are caught in the middle.

    Still, the seniors at Monday’s town hall hold out hope for compromise on Capitol Hill.